Why the need for Sanji Security Systems?
 Sanji Security Systems Pty (Ltd)
As crime becomes more and more sophisticated, so must the ways of foiling it. Anyone who has invested heavily in a vehicle asset needs to protect that investment, of course, but to protect it far further than the range of choices which criminals have available to them.
Intelligence is a matter of thinking and Sanji do this exceptionally well - thinking of the best vehicle protection systems for each situation out-thinking criminals. In the area of hi-tech security you can always leave the thinking to Sanji. Before you even get into your vehicle, you are warned of any violation to your vehicle by a series of coded beeps on the siren. The Sanji Intellica Series may have an overwhelming amount of capabilities but the best part about it is that the vehicle owner finds it easy to understand while the criminal is baffled. The stylish, ergonomically designed remote control is a design masterpiece all on its own. Sanji have utilised super hi-tech materials to transform what used to be a dull black box-remote into this revolutionary combination of design aesthetics and crafted functionality for the user.
Intelligence is a matter of thinking and Sanji do this Exceptionally well
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